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Latest Rock House DVD Target Female Guitarists

Aimed at beginning female guitar players, Guitar for Girls with Alex Bach is designed to help you get started and includes access to a special web site with additional material.

Latest Rock House Title Targets Beginning Female Guitarists

March 28, 2004

Amsco Publishing recently collaborated with Rock House to produce a Guitar instructional program designed for girls and young women. The program, "Guitar for Girls with Alex Bach," begins at the roots of guitar with an easy-to-follow look at basic chords, scales and finger picking techniques. Featuring acoustic and electric guitar, the program also gets into the key components of melody creation for song writing, strumming patterns and how to put it all togther to create your own style. "Guitar for Girls with Alex Bach," is available at your local music retailer or at www.musicsoeasy.com. To learn more about Alex Bach, visit www.alexbach.com.

With the free membership to www.rockhousemethod.com students can:

  • "Ask the Teacher" questions
  • Use the student "Chat Room" to share ideas
  • Download "Backing Tracks" to play along with
  • "Take a Quiz" that will be graded to track progress
  • Receive additional "Information and Theory"
  • View "Sheet Music" in easy-to-read tablature format
  • Download and upload "MP3s" of original compositions
  • Download free "Tuner" and "Metronome" software

For more information, visit their web site at www.rockhousemethod.com.

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By our press release coordinator Thursday January 1, 2004
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