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How many demos have you sent out lately?

Explaining why there is little point in sending out demo tapes and CDs, and why you should instead pay live.


How many demo tapes have you sent out lately? And who have you sent themto?

The music industry is not particularly interested in demo tapes. Youshould have one, but no-one ever gets signed on the basis of a tapealone.

The way for a band to get signed is to perform live and attract afollowing. If you can get radio broadcasts so much the better.Eventually, someone will hear of you and offer to manage you. Whetheryou accept their offer is up to you, and your judgement on whether theycan advance your career.

When your manager persuades A&R scouts to come to your shows, you are ina position to get a deal. The scout will not judge you - he or she willjudge the response (and size) of your audience. If you are popular infront of a live audience, you have a chance of becoming a recordingact. The next stage will be to get you seen by someone a bit moresenior.

The moral is to get out there and get performing. Recording will not getyou into the business. Entertaining a crowd will.

There are of course other ways into the business. Another day...

By David Mellor Tuesday November 28, 2006
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