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Question from a Audio Masterclass visitor...

I would like to listen to digital radio on the move. I don't like FM radio because of the interference, and I have tried a 'walkman-style' digital radio, but the interference was even worse.

What I'd like to do is this...

I would like to have a card or module for my computer than can tune in to digital radio or digital television (for the radio stations) and has an electronic program guide so that I can easily record programs to my hard drive.

I live in the UK by the way.

Clearly I would need the recordings to be in MP3 format. I can see that if I recorded digital radio, then this would probably be automatic. I wonder though if I can record the audio of a digital TV radio station in MP3 or whether it will just record the whole thing including the graphic in MPEG or AVI.

If I could click on the electronic program guide and have the computer record to MP3, then I could easily copy that across to my iPod.

I'm sure this must be possible. I just don't know how.

Can anyone help?

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By David Mellor Monday June 26, 2006
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