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Hammerax Introduces Hybrid Series of Percussion Instruments

The Hammerax™ Company has announced the introduction of an advanced new line of professional-quality, hand-hammered percussion instruments with a range of sounds...


The Hammerax™ Company has announced the introduction of an advanced new line of professional-quality, hand-hammered percussion instruments with a range of sounds.

The bronze effects, which are called Hybrids because each one combines the characteristics of multiple traditional instruments into a single new design, are made from proprietary bronze alloys using exclusive manufacturing processes and techniques—enabling Hammerax™ Hybrids to create a new class of sound.

Designed for drummers as well as percussionists—and recommended for virtually any musical style—the Hammerax™ line features special alloys that are cast, rolled and hand-hammered to create a variety of instruments that are consistent in quality and durability yet individually unique in appearance and tonal character. The instruments resemble cymbals, gongs and other conventional metal percussion instruments but incorporate original designs, metallurgical formulas, hammering and suspension techniques to achieve vibrato and sound modulation effects, a wonderfully complex although smoother and more controlled mixture of frequencies and the elimination of low and midrange hum while also allowing thin, extra-thin and paper-thin weights for increased rhythmic clarity.

Hammerax's™ innovative percussion instruments have received numerous trademarks, patents and copyrights and include:

Boomywang™ (10"/paper-thin, 12"/extra-thin, 15"/extra-thin, 18"/extra-thin, 20"/thin, 24"/medium, 30"/medium, 36"/medium) - The versatility of Hammerax's special bronze alloy gives these instruments a clean stick sound as well as shimmering crashes with a surprising vibrato. Glass™ (10"/extra-thin, 12"/thin, 14"/thin, 15"/medium, 16"/thin) - Crash-Ride hybrids capable of producing shimmering crash sounds . The center can be raked with sticks for controlled swells. The low pitch "hum note" often found in cymbals is eliminated in Glass™. Meanie™ (18"/paper-thin, 28"/thin) - Wildly sculpted instruments with an offset dome as well as tonal slots that add smoothness and allow a seamless transition from a dry ride to a fast crash. DustBowl™ (12"/medium) - A combination of a flat, very dry sounding cymbal and a crasher effect that can be suspended or instantly placed on top of a hi-hat or cymbal. Lash™ (18"/paper-thin) - Another slotted instrument, the sound of the Lash is short and complex. Each tentacle wobbles at a different speed- yielding swishing crashes without a lot of mids and a very smooth, fast wash.


By our press release coordinator Thursday November 30, 2006
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