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"Glory To . . ." by Bugsy aka Maerlyn

I am the quintessential producer, employing what I call a 'renaissance' production style: embracing all the rudimentary elements of music's past, present, and future. Heating it up with tracks that embody the whole of my life's melodic experience...


I am the quintessential producer, employing what I call a 'renaissance' production style: embracing all the rudimentary elements of music's past, present, and future. Heating it up with tracks that embody the whole of my life's melodic experience.

The brain of my recording system is PARIS; a system that is out of production but very effective and user-friendly. The sound modules that I utilize are the Akai MPC2000 sequencer, an Alesis 600 keyboard, the EMU Proteus and Planet Phatt sound modules, and the Proteus X2 software sound module. These are all directed by the MPC2000.

Initially, I lay down the rhythm of my creation (kick, snare/clap, high hat), then comes the melody and next I formulate the chorus (but I may do it in the exact opposite or any combination thereof for a thought does not always manifest itself in the same way). Within my recording system I group the instrumentation according to its role in the song. I treat every sound with equal importance. I don't ascribe to the status quo as far as the instrumentation that I utilize for the various aspects of my music.

I tend to lean towards unconventional sound placement and execution. Some of my most significant achievements were realized via Broadjam, a very popular website where you can upload your songs for a fee and let your peers, industry professionals, and other Broadjam clients evaluate your product. Music enthusiasts from all around the world review your songs, so you get a good cross-section of people and good market demographics.

'Whenever Whatever' was our first charting single, (#3 on the R&B Top Ten chart, the Southeast Top 10, Remix Top 10, and Onstage Top 10) which appeared on our first compilation compact disc release The Best Of PhunkRise&Vol I. This album was a feature-compilation of local artists utilizing local production, engineering, writing, and lyrics. Several other singles on this CD received favorable reviews as well ('Phreaky Chic'Niks' has entered the Rap/Hip Hop, Electronic Musician, and Remix Top 10s).

Two tracks from our maxi-single 'Give It Up!' also enjoyed Top 10 status as well ('Give It Up! (Mental Mix)' and 'Pop Dat Thang'). ('Give It Up! (Mental Mix)' made it to #1 on the Rap/Hip Hop chart in 2001!).

A fifth single from the compilation album, Dirty Minds (Remix)', also entered the Broadjam North Carolina, Rap/Hip Hop, Onstage, and Remix Top 10s. Most recently, from the production aspect, several instrumental tracks have enjoyed Top 10 charting status as well: 'Ragga', 'Hollywould', and 'Love Maker'.

Gracing the Georgia, Southeast, and Rap Top 10s. 'B.L.U.E.', a single off L'Nee's album, recently received 25% of the votes in a 'Battle of the Beats' contest on Charlotte, NC's radio station 96.1 The Beat in a valiant effort against, guess who? 50 Cent and his new album debut single, 'Just A Lil Bit'!

Very impressive considering that we had neither major nor independent label marketing for my unknown artist, L'Nee. My work has also been featured on the local radio stations and newspapers, and I have made a guest appearance on the NBC 17-sponsored Hip Hop showcase The Larry Pickett Show, which broadcasts out of Raleigh, NC.

Accompanying this experience was a highlight on a subsequent NBC 17 compilation of North Carolina artists and producers. In addition to this distinction, I recently completed collaborations with Clearvision Entertainment, which is based out of Jamaica, NY, for their next mixtape.

I am totally immersed in my craft and this epiphany has been a wonderful, eye-opening experience for me. Open your mind and be enlightened by my 'children'.

Further information is available at www.myspace.com/dawizzard

By Bugsy Thursday November 30, 2006
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