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Get the Ground Shaking with Basson's 8x10 Cabinet

Basson Sound, a San Diego based manufacturer of Guitar & Bass cabs, introduced their new 2,000 watt 8x10" Earthquake cabinet...


July 12, 2004

Basson Sound, a San Diego based manufacturer of Guitar & Bass cabs, introduced their new 2,000 watt 8x10" Earthquake.

This tower of tone and brute force is powered by custom made, 10" speakers that have a magnet weight of a 200 oz. These cabs are built as a split cabinet and can be used per channel at 1,000 watts @ 8 Ohms or daisy chained together for 2,000 watts at 4 Ohms.

This cab has a frequency response of 28Hz -- 5kHz while maintaining a tone that remains clear and distinguishable, according to the company. All 8x10's are covered in durable black carpeting and have a polished silver on black logo, recessed metal handles, black corner protectors and heavy duty casters are included. Also available with a grey face, skid rails and Neutrik speakon sockets if so desired.

Basson cabs are constructed out of MDF with butt end joints which are reinforced with 1 1/4" braces along all seams. Each cab is made by hand and glued and screwed together for maximum durability. High density foam is used as insulation in all cabinets and all seams are sealed air tight.

These cabs are selling direct from the factory in San Diego ($1,150) & select distributors around the US & UK. Available now for pick up or delivery. A five-year manufacturers warranty is included with each cabinet.

For more information, visit their web site at www.bassonsound.com

By our press release coordinator Thursday January 1, 2004
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