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"G 4Life" by HourGlass/Teflon Beats

My recording process is made up of a pattern I try to use everytime I record an artist or myself....


My recording process is made up of a pattern I try to use everytime I record an artist or myself. But every song is different and every artist is different as well.

I use an MPC 2000xl, Korg Triton LE, Roland VS-1880, software programs such as Fruity Loops XXL, Reason 3.0 and I record with nuendo which is a reliable daw system.

When I make a beat I try to compare it with industry material as far as the mix goe. While I am making the beat I try to place sounds such as hihats, kicks and snares, toms etc. where they should go.

Like I said earlier each song is different and needs special treatment. Tone is one of the most important factors in making music whether it be vocals or the beat.

Both vocals and the beat must blend equally with each other creating a blissful sound experience for the listener.

Vocals are recorded in my booth which I call the sweatbox. When working inside the sweatbox you work hard and hard work pays off for the artist and, not to be boasting or anything, but I have recorded & produced artists that are on myspace right now getting plays out of the roof.

As a producer, writer, engineer, I am still learning and that's what keeps me motivated to keep doing the best music I can do......

Thanks for reading this article. You can check me out at myspace.com/hourglass865 the other artist I produced are on my top friends list such as Lil Bit and Dhope... check it out if you have time.

Further information is available at www.southerntwang.com myspace.com/hourglass865

By Hourglass/Teflon Beats Thursday November 30, 2006
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