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FXpansion VST To RTAS Adapter

It's what Pro Tools users have been waiting for - an adapter to allow VST plug-ins to work in an RTAS environment. Effects abound!

If you're a Pro Tools user, then you will have looked longingly at the incredible array of VST plug-ins that you just can't use.

But you can now - FXpansion have released version 2.0 of their VST to RTAS Adapter, which works with both effects and VST Instruments. It is compatible with both Pro Tools and Pro Tools LE.

"Does it crash?" - that's your question, isn't it? It's not like we haven't been here before, but an adapter that doesn't crash has long been a dream. Apparently, this adapter uses crash-proof technology so that a rogue plug-in can't do any harm.

"Does it hog processing power?" - apparently not. The FXpansion adapter uses virtually no CPU power or memory.

The pricing of the FXpansion VST to RTAS adapter is good - $99, 75 Euros or £55 Great British pounds. Low enough that it's just one of those things you should have. And there are plenty of free VST plug-ins (legally free of course) around the web for you to use.

Let us know what you think.


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By David Mellor Monday April 3, 2006
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