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"Funk Seven" by Marcel Heemels

Step 1. I wrote the song on my gitar and the arrangements on a Roland E15 used as a MIDI keyboard....


Step 1. I wrote the song on my gitar and the arrangements on a Roland E15 used as a MIDI keyboard.

Step 2. A MIDI file was created as the base for later recording.

Step 3. The MIDI file was imported in Protools 7.4. I use the DigiDesign MBox 2 as my MIDI and audio interface.

Step 4. For this song I did use a couple of plug-ins to translate the MIDI discriptions of the MIDI tracks to audio on audio tracks. Drums - BFD2 by IKMultimedia, Instruments - XPand! by Fxpansion and AmpegSVXUno by IKMultimedia.

Step 5. For the the gitar parts I did use my Fender Stratocaster directly plugged-in in the DI from the MBox 2 and a miked (sE Electronics sE 2200a) spanish gitar for other gitar parts.

Step 6. For the mixing part I did use a couple of standard didgidesign plug-ins for EQ, Compression and delaying (I always use the 60,000 rule see the article on the Audio Masterclass site). The Reverbs used during mixing are D-Verb by Digidesign and Classic Reverbs by IKMultimedia.

Step 7. The last step was mastering the mix down from Protools in WaveLab by Steinberg using the Ozone 3 plug-in by Izotope.

Setp 8. I try to listen to the music on as much as possible boxes and amplifiers and return back to the steps 6 and 7. I will repeat step 8 untill I'm satisfied for the moment.

It's possible that a will do a remix after a hear the song in the future.

It's always good to let things rest a while and listen again. So what you will hear is the satisfaction for this moment. I'm really proud that al the software and plug-ins I use are legally.

I did spent a lot of money but it feels alright.

Marcel Heemels.

Further information is available at www.songstudio.nl

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By Marcel Heemals Thursday November 30, 2006
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