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Fast Guide to Propellerhead Reason Updated for Reason 2.5

PC Publishing has released the second edition of the Fast Guide to Propellerhead Reason, updated to cover the new features found in Reason 2.5...


PC Publishing has released the second edition of the Fast Guide to Propellerhead Reason, updated to cover the new features found in Reason 2.5.

This in-depth guide takes you through every separate Reason device, including the analog-style SubTractor synth, the Malstrom Graintrable synth, the two easy-to-use sample players, the funky Dr. rex loop player, the vintage-style ReDrum drum computer and the quick and simple sequencer. In addition, all the devices and changes introduced with the V2.5 update are covered, including the RV7000 stereo reverb, the BV512 vocoder, and the Scream 4 distortion unit.

Every control and function is explained in the kind of language you can understand, with insights as to practical and off-the-wall uses of devices along the way.

Walk-throughs of both standard and more exotic techniques are introduced at the points where you will find them most useful, and step-by-step programming tutorials help you increase your hands-on skills with Reason, as well as creating unusual and effects that will speed the creation of your music and enhance its appeal. The book is also packed with handy hints and tips.

448 pages - ISBN 1870775 93 7 - MSRP: $42.95/£22.95


  • Introducing Reason
  • Installation and setting up
  • Quickstart tutorials
  • Basic Reason operations
  • The Remix mixer
  • The SubTractor Synth
  • The ReDrum drum computer
  • The NN19 Sampler
  • The Dr:rex sample loop player
  • The Malstr m Graintable synth
  • The NNXT Sampler
  • The Matrix Step Sequencer
  • The Rebirth Input Machine
  • Effects
  • The BV512 Vocoder
  • Spiders
  • The Sequencer
  • Automation and remote control
  • Reason with other software and instruments
  • 20 fast tips
  • A fast guide to CV/Gate routings
  • Appendix 1 Reason web sites, sounds, software and resources
  • Appendix 2 MIDI controller chart
  • Appendix 3 Further reading

For more information, visit their web site at www.pc-publishing.com

By our press release coordinator Friday February 18, 2005
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