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A great-sounding live vocal mic that you might never have heard of [with video]

There are so many microphones in the catalogue that no-one can possibly know them all. And there might be hidden gems just waiting to be discovered.

Published Friday September 1, 2017

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A brief introduction to soundproofing A brief introduction to microphone preamplifiers for the home recording studio A brief introduction to microphones for the home recording studio Does inverting the phase of one channel of a stereo signal always sound bad? This ultimate vintage collector's item gives you bragging rights that almost no-one else has What is the easiest way to convert watts to decibels? M-Audio Studiophile AV 30 monitors - Could they be Auratones for the digital age? Can you print a vinyl record on a 3D printer? If AKG makes a USB microphone, does it mean that the time has come for USB mics? Is Pro Tools 11 really the 'new standard for audio production'?

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