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Entrepreneur producer

An explanation of what it takes to become a record producer.

'Entrepreneur producer' is a title I have invented to cover the type of producer who initiates a project and then sells it to a record company in the form of an act with writing, recording and management already in place, or as a partly developed idea working towards the same end.

Either way, the producer or producers will be at the top of the food chain and will receive the lion's share of the rewards.

The project could be a band in which the producer takes the roles of songwriter and musician, with a front man or woman to handle the vocals and provide a focus for the marketing machine to work on.

Alternatively, the producer might be an engineer or musician who takes on the role of A&R scout and looks for a band or singer to work with. There will probably be a certain amount of investment involved since the band will need studio time and promotional material will need to be prepared.

The entrepreneur producer will need to be able to promise the band or singer the earth, and give the impression that he is capable of delivering it. A track record of success will of course help!

One of the advantages of working in this way is in the payoff. Not only will the entrepreneur producer be entitled to a larger slice of the financial cake, he or she is also in control of an ongoing project which will hopefully continue to be successful, rather than staggering from each one-off project to the next.

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By David Mellor Friday March 21, 2003
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