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Edirol Introduces R-4 Portable Recorder and Wave Editor

Edirol announce the R-4, a 4 channel portable digital recorder and wave editor. The R-4 is designed to offer a cost-effective solution to multi-channel field recording...

October 30, 2004

At AES, Edirol announced the R-4, a 4 channel portable digital recorder and wave editor. The R-4 is designed to offer a cost-effective solution to multi-channel field recording.

The R-4 records directly to an internal 40GB hard drive providing storage capacity for 58 hours of 16-bit/44.1kHz stereo recording or over 17 hours at 24-bit/96kHz. Alternatively, the recording can be direct to Compact Flash. The R-4 can record at audio resolutions up to 24-bit/96kHz on all four channels, for total high-resolution multi-channel performance. The unit features a built-in limiter and 5 different dynamic processors; 3-Band Parametric EQ, 6-Band Graphic EQ, Noise Gate, Enhancer, and Compressor / Desser.

The R-4 includes an array of input and output options including 4 XLR/TRS combo microphone jacks with phantom power, RCA analog output, S/PDIF Coaxial Input and Output, built-in stereo microphones, built-in speakers, and a USB jack for connection to a computer. The USB2.0/1.1 port allows the computer to see the R-4 as a USB Mass Storage Device for high-speed Drag & Drop access to files.

The large LCD display features a Wave-Form Editor with a variety of functions for precision editing including trim, append, split, and merge. The R-4 can drop markers anywhere within an audio file to quickly skip back and forth to important points. It also offers A-B Repeat which allows users to loop anysection of audio.

The R-4 includes a "Pre-Record Function" that is always capturing a few seconds of audio to the record buffer. This allows users to press record AFTER they hear what they want and still capture the material they really wanted. The R-4 also includes an L connector to allow any LANC compatible video camera to sync start and stop with the R-4. The R-4 runs on either the included AC Adapter or 8 AA batteries and includes a Carrying Case with shoulder strap.

The R-4 will be shipping in February 2005.

For more information, visit their web site at www.edirol.com

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By our press release coordinator Thursday January 1, 2004
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