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EdgeSounds Ships The “Native Russian Vol. 1” Sample Library in NI Kontakt Format

EdgeSounds has released the Native Russian Vol. 1 sample sound library in NI Kontakt format.


EdgeSounds has released the Native Russian Vol. 1 sample sound library in NI Kontakt format.

Native Russian Vol. 1 represents a collection of musical instruments typical for Russian folklore music. The DVD-ROM contains sound samples of typical and rare folklore instruments played in middle-eastern region of Russia (Siberia, Altai). The collection covers a wide range of instruments: from free reed family to plucked string and wind instruments, percussion and sound effects, and is designed to be sufficient alone to allow you to create a musical atmosphere of Russian countryside, or to add a spice to a contemporary fusion piece. Content includes:

  • 76 Instruments;
  • 1705 samples;
  • 96 Folders;
The disk contains more than 2700 MB of carefully recorded and sampled sample material in NI Kontakt format. Detailed info is available at http://www.edgesounds.com/russian1.aspx MSRP: US$ 149.95

About EdgeSounds:

Although a relatively new name, the EdgeSounds has a long history of development and research in fields of electro-acoustics and pro-sound engineering. Based in Brooklyn, NY, USA, it partially continues the former GenieSys Voice L.C. work and incorporates some of the former GenieSys Voice and NTONYX specialists. The company main business is developing sound libraries in various formats with an emphasis on rare ethnic musical instruments, particularly from the ethnographically rich Central Siberia region of Russia.


For more information, go to www.edgesounds.com/russian1.aspx

By our press release coordinator Thursday November 30, 2006
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