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Digidesign Unveils The 003 Family Of Recording Hardware/Software

The new Digidesign® 003™ family, which includes 003™ Factory and 003™ Rack, offers professional-grade I/O, high-definition audio resolution, the compatibility and performance of industry-standard Pro Tools® software, and an unprecedented bundle of up to 80+ professional instrument and effects plug-ins...


With its latest product introduction, Digidesign is pleased to once again bring pro-level tools and compatibility to the home and project studio owner. The new Digidesign® 003™ family, which includes 003™ Factory and 003™ Rack, offers professional-grade I/O, high-definition audio resolution, the compatibility and performance of industry-standard Pro Tools® software, and an unprecedented bundle of up to 80+ professional instrument and effects plug-ins, compatible applications, and sound libraries, including the new Pro Tools Ignition Pack 2 software collection.

"Since the launch of the Digi 001® nearly seven years ago, more and more users are realizing the advantages that come from having seamless integration between the home and professional studio, as well as the benefits of having access to our extensive library of effects and virtual instrument plug-ins," explained Dusty DiMercurio, marketing manager for Digidesign's personal studio products. "The new 003 family takes its place as the flagship of our Pro Tools LE product line, delivering high-end hardware specs, features, software and tools, as well as a high level of compatibility with professional studios."

Digidesign engineers incorporated new pro-level features in the 003 family that allow users to dive deeper into the power of Pro Tools than ever before. Matt May, product manager for 003 Factory and 003 Rack, elaborates, "The 003 factory brings several new options that improve workflow. For example, the jog/shuttle wheel offers session navigation functions previously only found on high-end consoles. The dedicated automation mode buttons let you quickly select the automation mode on a per-track basis. And the ability to assign plug-ins and sends directly from the control surface is a first for the Pro Tools LE line—a perfect match for the plug-ins in the new Pro Tools Ignition Pack 2 software bundles."

About the Digidesign 003 FactoryThe new 003 Factory provides hands-on control of Pro Tools LE through its integrated control surface and offers an extensive array of analog and digital I/O, including MIDI, ADAT optical, and S/PDIF digital. 003 can also be synchronized with other external devices in the studio via its BNC Word Clock I/O. Eight touch-sensitive motorized faders, eight motion-sensitive rotary encoders, and a Jog/Shuttle wheel provide tactile, hands-on control of multiple elements of a mix with speed and precision, including volumes, panning, sends, inserts (plug-ins), automation control, audio and video scrubbing, and more. The 003 provides a variety of essential visual mix feedback via an LCD display and numerous LEDs, and also functions as a standalone MIDI controller, allowing it to be seamlessly switched from controlling Pro Tools to controlling other MIDI-compatible applications. And with its FireWire connectivity, the 003 ensures high-speed data transfers between compatible Windows- or Mac-based computer systems.

In addition to award-winning Pro Tools LE software, the 003 Factory includes the premium Factory software bundle, adding over $3,000 (USD) in professional Digidesign and Bomb Factory® plug-ins. 003 Factory also includes the new Pro Tools Ignition Pack 2 Pro bundle, offering a comprehensive collection of powerful effects and instrument plug-ins, creative compatible applications, high-quality sounds, training tools, and helpful artist promotion services from companies such as Broadjam.com, Sonicbids.com, and GarageBand.com.

About the Digidesign 003 Rack and 003 Rack FactoryThe 003 Rack mirrors all of the same I/O, audio capabilities, and connectivity as 003 Factory, but packages everything together in a streamlined 2U rackmount chassis. Included with the 003 Rack is Pro Tools Ignition Pack 2, which features many of the same creative software and tools found in Pro Tools Ignition Pack 2 Pro.

Fraternal twin to the 003 Rack, the 003™ Rack Factory features the same professional audio/MIDI interface, but adds the premium Factory software bundle and Pro Tools Ignition Pack 2 Pro.

Turbocharged 003 Exchange ProgramDigidesign is celebrating the launch of the 003 family by offering a special program that makes it easy for current LE users, or users of third-party systems, to upgrade to any new 003 system. From now through June 20, 2007, owners of Steinberg Cubase, Steinberg Nuendo, or Cakewalk SONAR software—and any USB, FireWire, or PCI/PCIe hardware audio interface—can exchange up to any 003 system at discounted prices and save on the Music Production Toolkit at participating Digidesign dealers. Those who are already Pro Tools LE owners can also upgrade to any 003 system from a Digi 001®, Digi ToolBox™, Mbox®, Mbox® 2, or Mbox® 2 Mini. The Digidesign 003 Factory will be available soon for $2,495 USD. The 003 Rack and 003 Rack Factory are available now for $1,295 USD and $1,695 USD, respectively.


By our press release coordinator Thursday November 30, 2006
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