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Q: David Mellor, do you ever do any live training?

I would like to know if Audio Masterclass Course Director David Mellor ever does any live training, or is Audio Masterclass purely distance learning?


To answer this question myself, I have given thousands of lectures and practical classes since I started in audio training in 1986.

I now find however that I can reach more people through distance learning, and of course through the Internet I can work with students worldwide.

I intend to concentrate on distance learning for the foreseeable future. I find the results I get very satisfying - I can hear how students develop over the period of their course through listening to their practical assignment work.

But that isn't to say that I would never give a live lecture or practical session. Indeed, the photo is from a talk I gave to the British Sound Recording Association earlier this year.

If anyone has an interesting project in mind that would benefit from my involvement, I would be pleased to give it my consideration.

In the meantime though, it's distance learning for me. Time to get back to some course development work.

I love it!

David Mellor

Course Director, Audio Masterclass

By David Mellor Friday July 9, 2010
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