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Who would have thought that a competition without a prize would attract cheats? But there are some serious irregularities in the voting...

Who would have thought that a competition without a prize would attract cheats? But there are some serious irregularities in the voting...

You probably know all about the Audio Masterclass Creativity Competition already. But if you don't, here is the most recent info.

Voting has been running for a couple of weeks now, and guess what? Some people are cheating!

It is stated very clearly that you can vote for as many tracks as you like, but you can only vote once. In fact, anyone who does vote will find that they are only able to vote once. The voting page does not appear again.

Some people however think they have found a way around that, and they are voting many times over for the same song. In fact some people have voted repeatedly for the same song in sessions lasting over an hour!

Of course, we're not daft here and we do have filtering technology that can easily identify duplicate votes in a variety of ways. We can't identify 'family and friends' votes, so that is allowed, as is normal practice in this kind of competition.

So, before we run the filter and leave only the genuine votes, here's a little challenge...

Can you identify the tracks where the voting has been manipulated? You should be able to tell because they will be higher in the rankings than they deserve. There are two tracks where duplicate voting has been heavy.

One important point - the duplicate votes could quite easily have come from people who have no connection with the artists. For this reason there will be no disqualifications.

But take another listen to the songs. (If you haven't voted, then pick your favorite and you'll see the rankings on the next page.)

Can you tell which songs have received more votes than they deserve?

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By David Mellor Thursday November 30, 2006
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