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"Cell Phone" by HammerHeaven

Step 1. I wrote the song on my keyboard an old Roland E15 that I used as a MIDI keyboard....


Step 1. I wrote the song on my keyboard an old Roland E15 that I used as a MIDI keyboard.

Step 2. A MIDI file was created as the base for recording the plug-in sounds.

Step 3. The MIDI file was imported in Protools 7.4. I use the DigiDesign MBox 2 as my MIDI and audio interface.

Step 4. For this song I did use a couple of plug-ins to translate the MIDI discriptions of the MIDI tracks to audio on audio tracks. Drums - BFD2 by IKMultimedia, Instruments - XPand! by Fxpansion and some free plug-ins from Digidesign.

Step 5. For the mixing part I did use a couple of standard didgidesign plug-ins for EQ, Compression and delaying (I always use the 60,000 rule see the article on the Audio Masterclass site). The Reverbs used during mixing are the Classic Reverbs by IKMultimedia.

Step 6. The last step was mastering the mix down from Protools in WaveLab by Steinberg using the Ozone 3 plug-in by Izotope. To watch the videoclip: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UUPffZGarhs

Marcel Heemels

Further information is available at www.songstudio.nl

By Blindswitch Thursday November 30, 2006
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