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For song titled 'NAUGHTY ROCK' BRIAN G featuring Naughty Bird....


For song titled "NAUGHTY ROCK" BRIAN G featuring Naughty Bird.

1. Write song hook & write 3 verses

2. sequence / layer drum tracks into 4 & 8 bar loops jim dooley live drums on intro & breakdowns big fish loops on verses/hooks

3. edit guitar & bass loops into song sections (loopsondemand.com d-day selections

4. add effects to bass & guitar to obtain the desired feel with distortion/ hot tube sound etc. (ableton live 5 software & loopsondemand.com

5. record vocal hook on a mxl v-67 mic mounted on a se reflexion filter going into protools 7 le via mbox 2.

6. record verses 1,2,3 using same vocal chain.

7. eq & add various effects to vocals to give dirty medium room sound & distortion on hook.doubled hook vocals yelling into a headphone cup plugged into a dj mixer mic jack for more distortion. 8. over dub vocal adlibbing sound effects.

9 recieved via e-mail female voice over adlibs recorded on a rode nt-2a into adobe audition software. http://www.myspace.com/britvobird

10. added delay effects to female vocals/ placed throughout mix.

11. ran guitar sounds into rane serato to add dj scratching on song hook.

12 added real voicemail outgoing/incoming voicemail message as song intro. (vocemail girl) http://www.myspace.com/melisaangelina

13. mixed down song in ableton live 5 & protools le

14 . sent song to crazymastering.com to have mastered.

15. submitted song to itunes and cdbaby.com as track #4 on BRIAN G "BG REMIX ROUNDUP" album

Further information is available at www.BRIANGMUSIC.COM

By Brian G Thursday November 30, 2006
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