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"Blame Game" by philip spaine

This process started in my small home studio; I recorded this song “Blame game” using a loop....


This process started in my small home studio; I recorded this song “Blame game” using a loop. All vocals done by me with Superlux pra 268A microphone combine with an Art tube preamp, that run through my small six channel mixer!

Am using M-audio delta 1010 converter, hp4 presonus head amp for clarity in case people don’t know.

In this recording, my Event Alp5 monitor proved itself as usual! These 5’25inch speakers can give a non deceptive image, always giving me what I am expecting in and out of the studio

The software I used for this recording is nuendo 3. I did my mix with it and slightly master this song on wave lab5. Steinberg oh Steinberg long live this thing!

My acoustic surrounding is not that bad, I mix in a 2” padded environment and vocals Was done in a self constructed 4x4 vocal booth that can stand any $ 20,000 vocal treatment space YES! My mic placement is what I practice judiciously to capture all the warmth in that cute 4x4 vocal space.

There is nothing wrong with home studios if we create a space to be creative. Please have fun!!! Am Philip spaine, singer/ song writer I currently base in Ghana.

Further information is available at myspace.com

By Philip Spaine Thursday November 30, 2006
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