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"Bang It Out" by OverlookeD EnT

Well this record was produced, recorded and mixed in my home studio....


Well this record was produced, recorded and mixed in my home studio.

I used an Audio Techinca At3035 Mic whch I run in this sequence Mic then and Art Tube Mp Preamp then into a Br-900cd which I use strictly for compression of vocals and if needed realtime reverb.

Then it goes into a Mackie mixer for the simple EQ and bass Roll off. Then out the HEadphone input of the mixer the final signal ends in my 24 bit Creative Sound Card.

The vocals are recorded in my closet which is dampened down by hanging blankets. I record onto Cubase and made the beat with Reason which I render track by track. then mix together with vocals within Cubase.

Really this is unlike my regular mixes in the sense that its hypercompressed by an L2 and a Rcomp in the final chain. and its an attempt at a southern mix. Normal mixes clips at -1.9DB.

Further information is available at www.myspace.com/overlookedent

By OverlookeD EnT Thursday November 30, 2006
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