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You want to be a professional. That means being able to get up in the morning and go to bed at night having produced marketable work in the time in between. Actually, if you are a recording professional, you won't get to go to bed every night, but that's another story.

Amateurs - well, they get up in the morning alright. But when they switch on their computer to start work on their latest track (actually,it's their only track - they haven't finished anything yet), they find that the screen saver is crashing the system. That games software they downloaded the other day has messed up the hard disk. And the clean-up utility they installed from a magazine cover CD has wiped some vital system files.

Does this feel familiar?

If you want to work like a professional, you should dedicate a computer to audio, and use it for nothing else. Have another computer for, Internet, games, office tasks, generally messing around etc.

You will be amazed how reliable such a system dedicated to audio can be. Once you have got it working properly, you can just switch on every day and get straight down to work. Don't mess with it, don't install new software, don't do anything but use it. In three years time, trash it and buy a new system with the profits you have made from the work you have achieved in the meantime.

You are now working like a professional.

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By David Mellor Monday September 4, 2006
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