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Ampeg's Classic Dan Armstrong Acrylic Guitar Re-Issue Now Shipping

This vintage re-issue is a near-exact replica of the original Ampeg Dan Armstrong guitar that dates back to 1969. The re-issue benefits from an improved neck joint, as well as a compensated bridge...

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Ampeg's distinctive Dan Armstrong acrylic guitar, which was on display last week at the NAMM show in Austin, is now shipping and available in limited quantity through authorized Ampeg dealers worldwide.

Previewed at the NAMM show in Anaheim last January, this vintage re-issue is a near-exact replica of the original Ampeg Dan Armstrong guitar that dates back to 1969. The re-issue benefits from an improved neck joint, as well as a compensated bridge. The guitar's most distinctive feature, the eye-catching clear Plexiglas body remains, and this unique construction material actually eliminates unwanted vibrations and frequencies while producing tremendous sustain. The net result is a playing experience and tone unlike any other.

The Ampeg Dan Armstrong guitar also features a removable pickup system that allows users to choose between two different hand-made pickups. Kent Armstrong, who designed the original Ampeg/Armstrong guitar pickups for his father in the 1960s and 1970s, designed both pickups. The faithfully recreated Rock Treble pickup was made famous on the original Ampeg/Dan Armstrong guitar and a new dual blade Rock Sustain pickup feature offers a fat tone and no noise.

The onboard tone circuit features a three-way switch offering multiple "presets" from a single pickup. The center position allows the tone circuit to be bypassed, while the other two positions allow the single tone control to affect different frequencies as the tone knob is adjusted.

Each Ampeg/Armstrong instrument features a hard maple neck, a 24-fret rosewood fingerboard and a unique neck joint for full access through two octaves. The headstock incorporates Grover die cast tuners, which are positioned for nearly direct string pull while being close-coupled for minimum string tension differences.

Other features include a solid rosewood bridge, which couples directly to the bridge plate enhancing tone and sustain. The bridge features individual brass inserts which are compensated for string sets using an unwound "G." The bridge plate, which is also the string holder (tall piece), also allows the most efficient string to body contact available.

The Ampeg/Dan Armstrong guitar has a manufacturers suggested retail price of $1,899.00.


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By our press release coordinator Thursday November 30, 2006
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