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Aguilar Amplification Announces the Tone Hammer® 500 Super Light Amplifier

When Aguilar president Dave Boonshoft emerged from the company’s tone laboratory one night last month he proudly proclaimed to his wife; “Honey, I shrunk the amp!”


When Aguilar president Dave Boonshoft emerged from the company's tone laboratory one night last month he proudly proclaimed to his wife; "Honey, I shrunk the amp!"

Although they didn't actually use a shrink ray, Aguilar Amplification has created the Tone Hammer 500 - a 500 watt, loud, versatile, and musical bass amp that weighs only four lbs. and easily fits into the accessory pouch of most gig bags.

The legendary "Aguilar Sound" in the Tone Hammer 500 is full-sized though, and is produced by the Tone Hammer preamp, the same preamp used in the Tone Hammer D.I./preamp pedal, a favorite of bass players all over the world.

The Tone Hammer 500 features bass, treble and fully sweepable midrange controls. The Drive control utilizes Aguilar's proprietary AGS circuit, adding subtle distortion and EQ to the sound for that extra punch that can be perfect in a track.

The Tone Hammer 500 will be released in March of 2011 and carry a street price of $699.00.

Aguilar Amplification is a manufacturer of high-quality bass amplifiers, speaker cabinets, and accessories located in NYC. Many of the world's greatest musicians have chosen to use Aguilar. Our list of endorsers includes Freddie Washington (Steely Dan), Tully Kennedy (Jason Aldean), Yiorgos Fakanas (solo artist), Josh Moreau (Katy Perry), Dennis Edwards (Lady Antebellum), and Ray Riendeau (Halford).

For more information, please visit: www.aguilaramp.com

By our press release coordinator Sunday January 2, 2011
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