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A simple 8-mic drum mix, with video

Joe Clancy plays drums in Abbey Road Studio 3. Audio Masterclass is there to make the multitrack recording.

In this clip we feature the sounds of the individual mics around the drums - kick, snare, hihat, toms and overheads, followed by the full 8-mic setup.

The requirement for this recording was a clean, crisp sound that could be mixed in a variety of ways by our students, including processing if desired.

In this clip, there is no processing at all and you can hear the raw sound from the mics, which are...

  • Kick - AKG D112
  • Snare - Shure SM57
  • Hihat - Bruel & Kjaer 4007
  • Toms - Sennheiser MD221
  • Overheads - AKG C414

Playing drums is Audio Masterclass Featured Artist Joe Clancy.

By David Mellor Tuesday January 13, 2015
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