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60 Watt El Diablo Head and Combo Introduced

Based on El Diablo 100 watt tube guitar amplifier, Genz Benz is expanding the line with the new El Diablo 60 combo and head...


August 9, 2004

Based on El Diablo 100 watt tube guitar amplifier, Genz Benz is expanding the line with the new El Diablo 60 combo and head. Both models feature:

  • Two, independent channels: A Warm channel featuring settings for Clean or Vintage gain. A Hot channel featuring Classic and High Gain as well as Dynamic or Compressed settings and a Tube Contour, which changes the voicing and character of this channel.
  • 12AX7 preamp section with 6 Gain stages.
  • Global Attack: A boost which, when engaged, boosts the upper mid frequencies that enhances pick bite. Acts as a great lead boost and is extremely effective for cutting through the mix.
  • Remote footswitch to control channel selection as well as gain settings and "Attack" feature.
  • Accutronics spring reverb with a master level control as well as an independent control for each channel.

The El Diablo 60 runs on two EL34's but will accommodate 6L6's as well. It will operate at 60 watts PENTODE or switch to 30 watts TRIODE mode. With a flick of a switch, the 30-watt TRIODE setting not only reduces the output power, but also produces a fuller and fatter tone with a more dynamic response and darker complexity from its increased output tube breakup.

The El Diablo 60 is available in a single 12" combo version (El Diablo 60-C) as well as two head only versions. A black front head version (El Diablo 60) is available along with a grille cloth front version (El Diablo 60-TS) designed to match the company's new Tribal Series guitar enclosures.

All El Diablo 60 models are now available along with the new Tribal Series guitar enclosures.

For more information, visit their web site at www.genzbenz.com

By our press release coordinator Thursday December 13, 2012
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