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Setting the gain control on your audio interface for recording

Audio compressor controls: The threshold control

How to use your favourite song as a reference track for mixing

Audio compressor controls: The ratio control

Is the world ready for responsive audio? Are you?

The two golden rules of microphone placement

Think you can play guitar? Think again.

You think you have noise problems? Not like this...

A microphone with FOUR diaphragms! Really?

Today you can buy microphones that were used to record Nirvana's 'In Utero'

An example of bad audio with an analysis of the problems - Sept 2017

How would you set microphones for a teleconference? This is real sound engineering in practice.

Are 18 bits enough for tech metal? [with audio]

Do you need more plug-ins? Or more skills?

A great-sounding live vocal mic that you might never have heard of [with video]

This voice over studio looks like something out of Monty Python

What would happen if a spider got into your microphone?

The importance of managing configurations and preferences in professional work

Your mix sounds good in your car. But does it sound good in ANY car?

Can an electric guitar virtual instrument ever sound like a real electric guitar?

Could this be your next DAW?

Digital audio workstations have come a long way since software took over from hardware more than a decade ago. But is it time for hardware to make a comeback?

Published Tuesday December 12, 2017

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Can an electric guitar virtual instrument ever sound like a real electric guitar? The new Apple HomePod smart speaker - what difference will it make to your mixing and mastering? Is there such a thing as Photoshopped audio? What should you fix before you mix? New monitors? Now you need to tune in your ears. Why your new monitors should make your mix sound bad Can you hear the subtle effect of the knee control of the compressor? (With audio and video demonstrations) This one simple mistake will lose you a third of your songwriting royalties - with video Avid and Apple conspire to heist 9 decibels of level How to record or amplify the melodica or any unfamiliar instrument

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Setting the gain control on your audio interface for recording

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