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New Updates Ready for Mixed Logic's M24 Control Surface

Thursday January 01, 2004
Mixed Logic has released a new update for their M24 Control Surface, adding the following new features...
New Updates Ready for Mixed Logic's M24 Control Surface

November 10, 2003

Mixed Logic has released a new update for their M24 Control Surface, adding the following new features:

M24 Firmware version 1.7 featuring the addition of complete in-depth support for Emagic Logic Audio Platinum 6 and many additional refinements.
Control Surface Plug-in version 2.0 now available for MOTU Digital Performer 4.1 for OS X with several new features.
Static Fader assignment mode available for Sonar and Digital Performer.
In-depth support for the Yamaha PM1D digital mixer.
Static Fader assignment is a new Mixed Logic feature that will allow the user to assign any fader on the M24 to a fixed channel and the fader will remain assigned to the channel during bank swap or channel offsets. For example, you could assign your on-screen master fader as a static fader to the M24 channel fader number 24 and when you bank swap the rest of the M24 faders from on-screen channels 1-23 to on-screen channels 24-46, the master fader would remain assigned to M24 channel fader 24 and always be active. You could also assign subgroups or key tracks to additional channel faders and they would not be affected by the bank swaps or channel offset swaps and would remain in place.

The M24 features 24 channels each with a 100 mm motorized fader, pan control and switches for solo, mute, select and soft. The M24 supports extensive in-depth automation with bank swapping and channel offset to access all additional channels and features a complete transport section with Jog / Shuttle control. The M24 features complete dedicated equalizer, dynamics and auxiliary send control sections promoting control familiarity like a traditional analog console with all controls available at once for the selected channel.

The M24 supports in-depth control of multiple plug-in effects at once, on a single channel or across multiple channels. For example, you could have several different equalizers plug-ins inserted across multiple channels and be able to jump from channel to channel and use the same equalizer controls to control similar functions in equalizers plug-ins from different manufacturers. You could also have several different compressor plug-ins inserted across multiple channels with all control for the compressors and the equalizers available at the same time. Faders can also be used for plug-in control and any control can be reassigned as needed, depending on the host software.

The M24 features 3 midi ports, a USB port and internal power supplies. MSRP $3499.00 US

For more information, visit their web site at www.mixedlogic.com

Thursday January 01, 2004 ARCHIVE
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