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New Free Plug-In from Fat-Ass

Thursday January 01, 2004
Fat-Ass has released a free VST PC plug-in designed to expand or contract the stereo image of your tracks.
New Free Plug-In from Fat-Ass

Fat-Ass Releases New Free Plug-In: Width

March 16, 2004

Width is a simple tool for widening (or narrowing) a stereo image. On top of the stereo widening, it has a built in high frequency stimulator.

Width uses an invert and overlay technique to remove audio signals that are common between the left and right channel - it does not use a delay to offset one channel.

Width is available to download, free of charge from the fat-ass website.

For more information, visit their web site at fat-ass.tk.

Thursday January 01, 2004 ARCHIVE
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