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Mushroom - The Eco Friendly Guitar is Here

Thursday November 30, 2006
Stand by for a guitar set to blast the entry level market into submission. Mushroom Guitars are launched this month and the stunning looking and sounding range is already creating a noise with MI retailers.
Mushroom - The Eco Friendly Guitar is Here

Distributed exclusively in the UK by Leisuretec Distribution, the guitars that come from the same stable as D’Angelico have a catalogue of USP’s that are already creating massive dealer interest. Leisuretec Managing Director Nick Spalding has reported outstanding feedback with strong dealer margins and a sensible distribution policy equalling a win win product for dealers.

Mushroom electric and bass guitars feature stainless steel frets, Alnico pick-up's, have superb tonal qualities and are professionally set up. With a beautiful finish, the guitars are also eco-friendly. Made from Paulownia wood, a Chinese tree that is extremely fast growing, they regenerate from their existing root systems, earning them the name of the 'Phoenix tree.' Paulownia has the ability to reclaim ecologically stressed and degenerate patches of land relatively quickly and has been widely used in the orient for fine furniture, musical instruments, carvings and decorative finishes for over 1000 years. Intricate patterns can be cut with a jig saw or band without splitting easily.“Mushroom guitars are without doubt going to provide a serious alternative to a significant market, including those in a higher price brand,” said Spalding. “They are extremely competitively priced yet allow prospective dealers very healthy profit margins, and to top it off they sound phenomenal. Anyone who has played them describes the as ‘a real players instrument’ and we have 30-year users of other brands switching to them for gigging and studio use.”For further information or to arrange a demonstration contact Andy Duffield, Leisuretec Distribution: +44 (0)7738 677 684

For more information, go to www.leisuretec.co.uk

Thursday November 30, 2006 ARCHIVE
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