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Thursday November 30, 2006
Got Pro Tools? Use Beat Detective? Now get the BEST training available! Learn to use and master Pro Tools Beat Detective like a Pro! announces updated “Beat Detective Explained!” training CD-ROM

Shipping immediately, “Beat Detective Explained!” has been updated to show Beat Detective training tutorials shot 100% in Pro Tools version 7. The CD-ROM also includes the original Beat Detective training tutorials shot in Pro Tools v6 as well.

The industry standard for learning Pro Tools Beat Detective, “Beat Detective Explained!” contains 20 tutorials covering every feature, function and option found in the Pro Tools Beat Detective window, as well as practical examples on how to use it.

The interactive training disk is designed for the beginner to intermediate level Beat Detective user and carries a 100% satisfaction guarantee.’s training videos have been hailed as the best training available and their “Beat Detective Explained!” training disk is no exception.

What’s on the CD-ROM:

Audio Category

•Beat Detective Overview •Defining Audio Selection •Generate Beat Triggers •Editing Beat Triggers •Separating Regions •Conforming Regions •Edit Smoothing •Bar Beat Markers •Calculate Audio Tempo •Creating Groove Templates •Matching Loops •Tightening Multi Tracks •Create Rex File Type Tracks

MIDI Category

•Define a MIDI Selection •Generate Beat Triggers MIDI •Edit Beat Triggers MIDI •MIDI Bar Beat Markers •Create Groove Templates from MIDI •Apply Groove Templates to MIDI •Calculate MIDI Tempo

Written by experts, “Beat Detective Explained!” is designed to enlighten Beat Detective users with easy to understand, professional tutorials, and give them the knowledge needed to perform any task they can think of with Beat Detective.

The CD-ROM and its contents are compatible with both Mac and PC systems running Mac OSX and Windows XP.

Price: $39.99 - No installation is required, just insert the CD-ROM and learn!

Visit today to purchase or for more info.

For more information, go to

Thursday November 30, 2006 ARCHIVE
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