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Cygnus X-2 Transparent Mic Preamp by Sebatron

Thursday November 30, 2006
Sebatron releases the 'Cygnus X-2' Hi-End transparent Class A Microphone Preamplifier utilizing a completely transformerless solid state high voltage high gain low noise circuit.
Cygnus X-2 Transparent Mic Preamp by Sebatron

Cygnus X-2 is the newly developed preamplifier from ~Sebatron~. A significant departure from previous Sebatron valve designs, CYGNUS X-2 is totally Class A solid state with transformerless balanced inputs and outputs. With a crisp, clean and wide response, the Cygnus X-2 is perfect whether gain is very high or very low. Acoustic instruments, vocals and percussion shine through with exquisite transient detail that is preserved by the Class A circuitry. Input sensitivity is high, responding to the smallest of acoustic nuances and a carefully configured pad/gain toggle switch allows the circuit to handle high SPL sources such as close miked snare drum or brass for example, without showing any signs of clipping or distortion. Transient spikes pass through pure and true due to the ultrafast slew rate and broad frequency response. The Cygnus X-2 circuitry is unique, designed by Sebatron to meet the needs of modern engineers, musicians and producers. Condenser, Dynamic and Ribbon microphones all perform to their full potential. The all discrete audio path runs on a high voltage rail with direct coupling between stages used appropriately. The Sebatron series of microphone preamplifiers are quickly becoming the new Hi-End standard for professional recording studios all around the world.

For more information, go to www.sebatron.com/

Thursday November 30, 2006 ARCHIVE
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