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Bass Drum Patch Adds Durability

Thursday January 01, 2004
Made with Kevlar, Puresound Percussion's new bass drum patch can help aggressive drummers extend the lift of their heads.
Bass Drum Patch Adds Durability

Puresound Bass Drum Patch Adds Durability

March 29, 2004

Puresound Percussion has announced a specially-designed bass drum patch, model P-BDP. The material and size of the adhesive-backed, 2.5" Kevlar impact pad has been developed to help protect and increase the durability of bass drum heads while its square shape helps focus the drum's sound according to the company and makes it easier to combine patches for double pedal applications. In addition, the Puresound Patch accommodates a wide variety of bass drum beater shapes and sizes.

Puresound's Bass Drum Patches come in 2-pack polybags which carry suggested retail of $9.95 and are available where ever Puresound drum accessories are sold.

For more information, visit their web site at www.puresoundpercussion.com.

Thursday January 01, 2004 ARCHIVE
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