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Alice through the mixing desk

Sunday January 02, 2011
AMS Neve consoles help create another box office record-breaker.
Alice through the mixing desk

Perhaps the biggest surprise of the Oscar weekend was delivered by a new release that was still in post production when the nominations were announced. While industry insiders were still partying after the ceremony, the unbelievable was happening in movie-houses across the US as Disney’s Alice in Wonderland smashed Avatar’s previous record for a 3D launch by more than $25m.

What comes as no surprise is that once again the winning combination of DFC and 88RS was involved in the mixing. The soundtrack mix – with Steve Boeddeker as sound designer and Tom Johnson, Michael Semanick and Greg P Russell as re-recording mixers – took place at Disney’s DFC-equipped dubbing stage.

Meanwhile, two separate studios were involved in recording Danny Elfman’s score, with Peter Cobbin as score mixer and Dennis S Sands as music scoring mixer. The choir, conducted by Rick Wentworth, was recorded in London, at Air Lyndhurst, with the orchestral sessions, conducted by Pete Anthony, taking place at Sony’s Barbra Streisand Scoring Stage. Sony and Air are each home to a Neve 88RS with SP2 scoring panel and stem maker.

Sunday January 02, 2011 ARCHIVE
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