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Learn Audio Online

David Mellor - Audio Educator since 1986 and Course Director of Audio Masterclass

“Let me give you everything I have learned about recording in over 30 years of experience. By the way - I'm a qualified Tonmeister.”

Join My New Recording Bootcamp for Free!

I'll show you how to make recordings in your own home studio that sound every bit as good as the pros.

  • Build a low-cost 'smart' studio
  • Select and position microphones
  • Control warmth with your preamp
  • EQ out the bad - EQ in the good!
  • Control dynamic range with compression
  • Mix with clarity, punch and power
  • Master like a pro
  • Make money from your music
You'll hear pro-standard recordings made by Audio Masterclass in the simplest of home studios, all the way up to Abbey Road Studios 2 and 3. And we'll show you in Bootcamp exactly how to achieve the same quality in your own home recording studio.

The Blog

Regular updates on equipment, studio building, recording, production, mixing, mastering, and marketing your music and recording services!

The professional way to make sure your mics are connected correctly [video]

Get your microphone connections wrong and you have a huge problem, possibly bigger than you think. So how can you be sure you have got them right?


Demonstrating the Waves J37 analog tape emulation plug-in and comparison with a real tape recorder [video]

A video demonstration with examples including sine wave tests, female vocal, bass, background vocals and drums.


The Waves CLA-76 compressor plug-in on snare drum [video]

A practical demonstration of the Waves emulation of the Universal Audio 1176 compressor on a studio recording of snare drum.

Bootcamp includes 36 microphone demonstrations on both male and female vocal. Hear mics costing less than $100 all the way up to $10,000. Learn how to achieve expensive sounds with budget equipment.
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